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19. července 2014 v 14:53 | Dark Angel |  Me being me
Last weekend I haven't been present as on Thursday morning I went to Vizovice near the town of Zlín and stayed there until very late Sunday night. And what for?

I am a big hard rock and metal fan. I honestly love this kind of music variating from my beloved band Pink Floyd which can be called psychedelic rock to classic heavy metal like Hammerfall and even including power metal like Helloween or symphonic fantasy metal of Tobias Sammett's Avantasia. There are many others I like but these are the most significant for me.

Between 10th and 14th of July the biggest metal festival in Czech republic has taken place in Rudolf Jelínek distillery areal. Masters of rock 2014 has brought some true hard rock megastars to my sight and expecially ears.

In the late morning we set off with the traditional bunch of people - my friend from my first summer work Tomáš and all other friends - Míša a sister of Tomáš, her friend Markéta, Jakub with his girlfriend Martina and their daughters (ten and eighteen), Martin - Jakub's brother and me. Two big Opel Zafira cars comfortably packed with everything we will need.
We had three rooms booked on a ranch near Vizovice, the journey there has taken less than four hours and before the sun started to go down we were already listening to our first band.

On Thursday night my first surpise appeared. I expected a lot from Dream Theater as Tomáš told me it's a really high quality band with John Petrucci (in past years he has been invited to play in G3 with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani) as a leading guitarist but what I got I didn't expect.
The band was fantastic! They performed such a great music that after a couple of minutes I felt completely lost in the sound just floating on the wave of a wonderful music getting in my ears.
Even though I absolutely enjoyed the complicated composition and really skilled performers suddenly someone bounced into me and I was really disappointed to realize that there were several people leaving the show. I asked Tomáš why he thinks it might be when the music is SO great and we agreed that for some people it might be just too complicated - the rhythm, long instrumental parts and so on. But for me - simply wonderful.

On Friday there were two bands I really enjoyed - the cheerful but very hard folk metal sound of Korpiklaani and in the late evening Sabaton (almost traditional band at MoR) parformed a good show so crowded I named them as a headliner in my head. These guys are really popular and I get why. They perform good heavy music and you simply have to love their singer. He kept talking to the audience the whole time, he confirmed his mom is Czech and he has a Czech citizenship and for half of the time he kept talking in Czech, throwing cans of beer in the audience every time they screamed "One more beer! / Ještě jedno pivo!" on him. He was lovely even though at the first sight he looks scary :-)

The third day for me started with Freedom call which I have never listened to before but I loved the band immediately. Their song Power and glory was so cheerful and the whole band kept smiling during the whole concert that I encheered instantly even though I was really tired. I promissed I have to listen to their discography after I get back home and as I do I realize that metal doesn't have to be just epic and dramatic, these guys show me it can also be encheering and ful of light.

As I don't go to all of the concerts but I choose which one I want to see there wasn't any disappointment this year.

Helloween with Andi Deris as a vocalist were my fulfilled dream. I wished to see them live for ages but the last time they were on MoR we had to leave before their perfomance. They were very good but Andi seemed to have problems with his voice from time to time.

On Sunday we went to the areal in the evening to see Eluveitie which in the end I decided is too much for me with all those death metal vocals so I went to do some souvenirs shopping and in the late evening I was waiting for my biggest desire of this year - Unisonic.

Michael Kiske with his angelic voice accompanied with another exHelloween Kai Hansen. I know their debut album Unisonic from 2012 very very well and so I went in the first rows to sing along with my beloved Michael as I know every single word of the album. This year they are releasing a new album this year so they performed even some new songs and at the end Michael added my favorite Helloween song of his - I want out. I loved every second of the performance - it just seemed to end so quickly my only thought after the lights went of was "I could listen to the whole thing once again".

It's been incredible four days and I can't wait to know what the first bands for Masters of Rock 2015 will be.

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