Nowhere to settle down

7. července 2014 v 22:17 | Dark Angel |  Me being me
I just arrived to my grandmother's and mother's house for a couple of days from Prague. I stayed in Prague just for one night. Before that we spent three nights in the mountains at my boyfriend's grandmother's house. And before that I spent one night in Prague, one at my grandmother's and mother's... and so on until I get insane because of this circle.

Some time ago I realized that since I was nineteen or so I didn't really settle anywhere for more than a year. During bachelor's studies I had two flats in Prague. At that time I kept visiting my ex-boyfriend's parents every second weekend with him. After I started Master's degree I applied for an exchange to UK, Sweeden and Belgium. And got the one in the UK.

So after just a half a year of Master's program I left Prague for five and half months and went exploring UK. It was a marvelous time during which I have met some of the most interesting people in my life - some of them left a deep mark in my heart and others will be my friends hopefully forever. I've visited incredible places and experienced a lot. I became more independent and enterprising.

Last year in late June I came back home. And to what? Well... I lived for two months with my parents again. During the exchange I broke up with my boyfriend, before I left I had to leave the flat I had in Prague and even a part-time job I had. So I came home from the carefree life in the UK to worries and uncertainity.

In September 2013 I have found a flat in Prague again and started living with my high school classmate and a girl I have been to UK with. I got a job in my old place again and also the first day of 2014 brought new love to my life.

Things started to look better. But...

Two weeks ago I confirmed another exchange. Exactly seven days ago I left the flat. And four days ago I bought another flight ticket. In three weeks time I will pack my luggage again for a millionth time and take off to meet new and hopefully good experiences. Fingers crossed.

One day I hope to finally settle somewhere - to have some place of my own. But for now I can't even decide if I actually like this style of living or if it just exasperates me while it keeps me curious and interested. You never know what might happen the next day and what will pull you out of your comfort zone. Life just changes and stays interesting. I think I like that.

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