Srpen 2014

The arrival is a big change

5. srpna 2014 v 22:23 | Dark Angel
Second day in the UK went pretty well. Yesterday was quite busy and exhausting, the weather in Prague was gloomy, it was raining and my flight got delayed for more than an hour. So I got to my new home for the future three months late in the evening, introduced myself to the office manager, who seems to be a very kind person from the first moment, and to the family I am supposed to live with.
I still am stunned by the size of their house and how comfortable and luxurious it feels. The family has six kids and their mother is an artist so there are sculptures in the garden and many paintings everywhere around the house. They welcomed me warmly and even prepared a dinner for me which was a nice gesture I didn't really expect.
I felt insanely tired and the switch from Czech environment to the British was quite quick so it required a bit of an effort to absorb every information the new people around me were giving me.
I got a nice tiny room with a big bed and a big wardrobe, unpacked, settled in a bit, got a quick shower and went to bed at midnight.
In the morning Carol has driven me to the office where Esther, the receptionist, was already expecting me. Everyone welcomed me and they kept asking questinons for a while. Then I had to fill some papers and except that there wasn't any work at all in the morning. I went for a lunch to the park nearby with the people from the office and then did a bit of some paperwork. At 5:30 pm I left the office and headed back home too tired to do anything else.
The evening is long though. It has just gotten dark and I am going to take a shower. I feel a bit of a regret that my boyfriend didn't approve my last post from Prague on his fb wall even though he says it's lovely. It's ok for him to have posts from his manly friends but a goodbye song is not that cool, right? Do men ever understand that there is no shame in showing love publicly?