Me being me

Happy metal party

19. července 2014 v 14:53 | Dark Angel
Last weekend I haven't been present as on Thursday morning I went to Vizovice near the town of Zlín and stayed there until very late Sunday night. And what for?

I am a big hard rock and metal fan. I honestly love this kind of music variating from my beloved band Pink Floyd which can be called psychedelic rock to classic heavy metal like Hammerfall and even including power metal like Helloween or symphonic fantasy metal of Tobias Sammett's Avantasia. There are many others I like but these are the most significant for me.

Between 10th and 14th of July the biggest metal festival in Czech republic has taken place in Rudolf Jelínek distillery areal. Masters of rock 2014 has brought some true hard rock megastars to my sight and expecially ears.

In the late morning we set off with the traditional bunch of people - my friend from my first summer work Tomáš and all other friends - Míša a sister of Tomáš, her friend Markéta, Jakub with his girlfriend Martina and their daughters (ten and eighteen), Martin - Jakub's brother and me. Two big Opel Zafira cars comfortably packed with everything we will need.
We had three rooms booked on a ranch near Vizovice, the journey there has taken less than four hours and before the sun started to go down we were already listening to our first band.

Nowhere to settle down

7. července 2014 v 22:17 | Dark Angel
I just arrived to my grandmother's and mother's house for a couple of days from Prague. I stayed in Prague just for one night. Before that we spent three nights in the mountains at my boyfriend's grandmother's house. And before that I spent one night in Prague, one at my grandmother's and mother's... and so on until I get insane because of this circle.

Some time ago I realized that since I was nineteen or so I didn't really settle anywhere for more than a year. During bachelor's studies I had two flats in Prague. At that time I kept visiting my ex-boyfriend's parents every second weekend with him. After I started Master's degree I applied for an exchange to UK, Sweeden and Belgium. And got the one in the UK.

So after just a half a year of Master's program I left Prague for five and half months and went exploring UK. It was a marvelous time during which I have met some of the most interesting people in my life - some of them left a deep mark in my heart and others will be my friends hopefully forever. I've visited incredible places and experienced a lot. I became more independent and enterprising.

Last year in late June I came back home. And to what? Well... I lived for two months with my parents again. During the exchange I broke up with my boyfriend, before I left I had to leave the flat I had in Prague and even a part-time job I had. So I came home from the carefree life in the UK to worries and uncertainity.

In September 2013 I have found a flat in Prague again and started living with my high school classmate and a girl I have been to UK with. I got a job in my old place again and also the first day of 2014 brought new love to my life.

Things started to look better. But...

Two weeks ago I confirmed another exchange. Exactly seven days ago I left the flat. And four days ago I bought another flight ticket. In three weeks time I will pack my luggage again for a millionth time and take off to meet new and hopefully good experiences. Fingers crossed.

One day I hope to finally settle somewhere - to have some place of my own. But for now I can't even decide if I actually like this style of living or if it just exasperates me while it keeps me curious and interested. You never know what might happen the next day and what will pull you out of your comfort zone. Life just changes and stays interesting. I think I like that.

Anglophile grateful for miracles

3. července 2014 v 20:53 | Dark Angel
Well. In six days I will turn 24. I am a student of a prestigious (quite) Czech university, practicing architecture design and engineering while studying, interested in travelling, literature, teahouses and rock and metal music. Slash fanfiction scribbler (almost former) and currently a huge Top Gear fan.

And I am a girl. Does it sound like that? I am sure it does.

Oh and except all this I might be an anglophile. A bit. A wee bit.

I can't really say where it came from but I've ever liked British stuff - music, lifestyle, actors, authors, movies, landscape, architecture... Well, everything. I just found myself being at home in this country as well as in the Czech Republic where I was born. And the language - oh my dear God I love it! It's been thirteen years since I've tasted first basic English words on my tongue. Since then I've studied a lot and have fallen in love with English. Unquestionably and inevitably. This is a true love of my life I guess.

I kept thinking about it today at work while I was sitting there, angrily finishing a boring fu**ed up family house. I kept drawing and at first I couldn't push myself away from thinking about how stubborn our studio's customers can be. This house used to be a very pretty design. Modern, full of light and well proportioned spaces. Not anymore. Our customer - our God. We had to change the project according to the wish of a couple who can't imagine how those lines will transform from the paper to an actual house. So now - according to the customer's wish - there is a house full of long narrow corridors without windows and with dozens of useless corners. Sure, as you wish madam, we will redraw it.

So not to get completely annoyed by the ignorance of people I tried to think about something cheerful. As first (and only these days) my another big adventure came to my mind.

I am going to the UK in about a month!

I managed to find a working place there - a three month internship with a grant from school - which is really cool. This actually is the reason to start writing a blog again - I stopped my diary more than a year ago but this time I'd like to keep writing about the experiences from the internship and hopefully keep writing even after the return. As the last time when I have been in the UK a year ago I expect a lot to change. You don't even have to try hard - things just change dramatically without your intervention when you are abroad for several months.

Honestly I didn't even hope for a place in the UK when I applied. I've sent more than twenty applications and during three weeks I received just rejections in return from all parts of Europe. I applied in France, Sweden, Finland, UK, Ireland, Iceland and Portugal but got just many appologies and laments about how there is not enough work in our occupation field. Well - I know. But hey - miracles happen!

And so I am returning to the green, rainy and misty country of my heart again.